Maiolo Muchow Mediation
With Bilingual Attorney and Mediator

Marie Maiolo Muchow

Licensed in California and Florida
Putting 35 years of litigation experience on both sides of the bar to work to successfully settle civil disputes

Marie Maiolo Muchow Bilingual Mediator based out of Sonoma County.

Experience, Sensitivity, Preparation, Tenacity

Experience Matters

With the increasing costs and risks of protracted civil litigation, you need an experienced effective neutral more than ever. Over the course of my 35 years as a civil litigator in Florida and California representing plaintiffs and defendants, I have handled and resolved a myriad of disputes.
As a private and court appointed mediator for over 2 decades and as a settlement conference panelist over the past 14 years, I have resolved a variety of civil claims and look forward to dedicating myself full time to assisting litigants in effectively and compassionately resolving their disputes.

Sensitivity Matters

Raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I am not just bilingual but also well versed in how to effectively communicate within the varying value systems of different cultures.

Preparation Matters

All parties will participate in pre-mediation conferences to determine mediation readiness before the session. These conferences will also plant the seeds to grow areas of common ground and to flush out the driving issues that will be hashed out at the upcoming session.

Tenacity Matters

With deliberate creativity, I will keep working with the parties beyond the point when it appears that the conflict seems insurmountable to get beyond “No” to “Maybe” and then to “Yes”.

Marie Maiolo Mediation

Expert Mediation Services for Civil Disputes and Personal Injury Claims

  • Bilingual
  • Cultural Awareness

  • 35 Years Experience

I provide mediation services primarily focused on civil disputes, with a particular emphasis on personal injury claims. With over 35 years of experience as a civil litigator in both defense and plaintiffs’ personal injury law, I have handled and resolved a wide range of disputes.

This extensive background allows me to bring a balanced perspective to the mediation process, enabling me to mediate various types of civil disputes effectively and compassionately.

Civil Litigation

A variety of other civil claims that require resolution

Insurance Disputes

Cases involving insurance companies.

Personal Injury Litigation

Complex multiparty personal injury litigation.

Other Civil Disputes

real estate, business claims, partnership disputes and more.

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“I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work mediating this case. The research you did for us, and the templates you gave were invaluable. My client also made a point of telling me how at ease you made her feel. Thank you again!!”