Since 1998, Shaline has provided vital and loyal support to Marie as she prepares her cases from inception through trial. Of Mexican descent, Shaline appreciates the struggle of others from diverse cultures. Growing up as a bilingual Mexican American child, Shaline has spent her life assisting her relatives ensuring that they are understood and properly represented. Our office provides Shaline with the opportunity to utilize these skills to advocate for our clients.

After graduating from Empire’s Legal Secretary Program, Shaline began her career working part time as Marie’s receptionist. Shaline quickly exhibited her organizational skills and fearless undertaking of new projects earning her full time status as Marie’s legal assistant, developing her legal skills to include all phases of case preparation to include paralegal support from preparing demand brochures, assisting in investigating claims, drafting discovery responses, and various pleadings documents for the attorney’s review.

During her time away from the office Shaline enjoys spending time with her family. A 4 time 70.3 Iron woman, Shaline enjoys her triathlon training which includes swims at the river, long bike rides through the Sonoma County back roads, and relaxing runs. “When something brings a smile to your heart, why stop doing it?”

Shaline Paralegal at the Law offices of Maiolo Muchow